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La Folie de Finfarine (life of bees)

Chemin des Ecoliers

Phone : 02 51 96 22 50

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Spread your wings and discover ApiExplora ! This is an immersive film, allowing viewers to travel on the back of a bee and explore the world of tiny animals. During the guided visits, you will be able to help open up the beehive and make honey alongside the beekeeper. With your children, come and play at the mini farm, take a look into careers involving beekeeping (4-5 years old), solve the riddles of the treasure hunt (for children over 6 years old) and dress up in the Giant Hive. Honey Shop.


  • Du 19/05/2021 au 03/07/2021
    The Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. from 14h00 at 18h30.
  • Du 04/07/2021 au 31/08/2021
    Everyday. from 10h30 at 19h00.
  • Du 01/09/2021 au 24/09/2021
    The Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. from 14h00 at 18h00.
  • Du 27/09/2021 au 24/10/2021
    The Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. from 10h00 at 16h30.
  • Du 24/10/2021 au 06/11/2021
    Everyday. from 11h00 at 18h00.

Prices 2021

  • Rate adult
    • 9
  • Rate Children ( 4-15 ans )
    • Mini rate : 6.20
  • Start to
    • Start to : 6.20


  • Pet-friendly ?
    • yes
    • no
  • Languages
    • English spoken
  • Type of payment
    • ANCV
    • payment card
  • Access to the physically handicapped
    • Rooms easy of access to the physically handicapped
  • Covid-19
    • Information Covid-19 : Les horaires d'ouverture seront les suivantes jusqu'au 3 juillet : - Mercredi, vendredi et dimanche 14h à 18h avec un atelier fabrication de bougie en cire à 15h (2 euros par enfant) et une visite guidée en extérieur sur la vie des abeilles et l'ouverture de la ruche à 15h45. Il est souhaitable de réserver sur internet https://www.finfarine.fr/calendrier-animations/billetterie-en-ligne/ - Lundi, mardi, jeudi 14h à 17h30 ouverture de la boutique uniquement Pour le week-end de l' Ascension, la boutique sera ouverte du jeudi 13 mai au dimanche 16 mai de 14h à 18h.
  • Types of measures Covid-19
    • Hand sanitiser for your use
    • Respect the direction of traffic in our tourist office
    • Floor markings
    • Maintain social distancing at all times
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