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Beaches, spa baths

For your holidays, choose your beach, pool, sunbathing, your beach clubs, and check the calendar of beaches ...

Choose your beach

Discover 'La Grande Plage', the loveliest beach in Europe… and we’re proud of it! 3 km of fine sandy beaches, an arc-shapedbay facing south, protected from the prevailing winds and the ocean surf.

Or the wild beaches between forest and dunes !

Location de parasols, garde d'Objets ...

Consigne & Loc
1 Place Foch
Sur le remblai,  face à la Grande Plage
85100 Les Sables d'Olonne

Vous êtes en vacances et alors pas une minute à perdre !
Que faire de vos bagages en attendant l'heure d'entrée de votre location ou l'heure de départ de votre train ?

Profitez des services de Consigne & Loc qui gardera vos bagages et objets divers pour que vous puissiez vous balader ou vous baigner l'esprit tranquille.

Consigne & Loc, c'est aussi la location de parasols, d'objets de plage mais également de matériel de puériculture, poussettes, lits et chaises bébé.

Ouvert du 1er avril au 30 septembre 2021.
A partir de 1€/h. Forfaits possibles.

Téléphone : 02 51 23 95 63


Web : https://www.consigneloc.fr


Although the first spa bath regulations in Les Sables d’Olonne date from 1816, it was not until 1825 that the first thermal baths appeared, featuring the famous Bathing machines, frequented by the aristocracy. The spa baths still exist, but are now adapted to 21st century needs.

Games, competitions, sporting activities, swimming for beginners for clubs with a pool. The beach club is a good option for combining the beach with leisure. Some clubs require the presence of an accompanying adult, information available from the club of your choice.

Tide time

There are two high tides and two low tides a day – one tide every 6 hours. The tide is either coming in or going out.
The amplitude of these tides is expressed by a coeffi- cient 3 (20 to 120).
The higher this is, the further the sea will go out at low tide.
During spring tides, the sun aligns itself with the moon and the tidal coefficient is the highest of the year.
These tides occur approximately every 6 months, in spring time and autumn.


Nautical activities

All clubs offer lessons, individual and group courses for all agesand levels. Suits and equipment supplied.

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