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Golden Globe Race

The 2022 Golden Globe Race - 36 sailors … 30,000 miles … non-stop … alone … no outside assistance - from Les Sables d'Olonne in France.

News GGR 2022

23 international competitors of 13 different nationalities are competing in the next edition of the GGR 2022.
Note: 3 skippers from the previous edition are returning for this new maritime adventure: Tapio Lehtinen (Finland), Mark Sinclair (Australia), and Ertan Beskardes (UK).
And it will be a first for Damien Guillou under the PRB colours who is embarking on this new challenge!
11 of the 23 skippers are already in Les Sables d'Olonne, for their physical and mental preparation as well as their technical preparation (boat, rules, safety)...
Namely, 1/3 of the participants still have to cross at least one ocean to live the Sable adventure in September 2022.

Skippers GGR 2022

The 2022 adventurers :

Skippers 2022 GGR

- Aleix SELLES VIDAL - Spain
- Arnaud GAIST - France
- Damien GUILLOU - France
- David SCOTT COWPER - United Kingdom
- Edward WALENTYNOWICZ - Canada
- Elliott SMITH - United States
- Ertan BESKARDES - Royaume-Uni
- Gaurav SHINDE - Canada
- Graham DALTON - New Zealand
- Guy DEBOER - United States
- Guy WAITES - United Kingdom
- Ian HERBERT-JONES - United Kingdom
- Jeremy BAGSHAW - South Africa
- Kirsten NEUSCHÄFER - South Africa
- Mark SINCLAIR - Australia
- Michael GUGGENBERGER - Austria
- Pat LAWLESS - Ireland
- Simon CURWEN - United Kingdom
- Tapio LEHTINEN - Finland
- Tony ABHILASH - India

Details on the website of GGR

What you need to know ...

- Sir Robin Knox Johnston, winner of the original race in 1968, has agreed to become Patron of the Golden Globe Race (GGR).
- the return of Mark Sinclair, a.k.a. Captain Coconut to the 2022 GGR;
- the launch of the Golden Globe Virtual Race!
The GGR village from 20 August to 4 September 2022
in Port Olona.
There will be exhibitions of historic and classic boats, as well as many other activities.
Come and meet the skippers, see their boats, listen to their presentations on stage, and feel the excitement of the open sea!
> Now is the time to plan your visit and book your accommodation for September 2022, we look forward to welcoming you to Port Olona, in Les Sables d'Olonne, Vendée.
For the 2026 edition :
Organisation of a new JOSHUA Class for the 2026 GGR which will allow amateurs to build now and enter their own JOSHUA replica.

Next GGR Edition: 4/9/22

See you on 4 September 2022 for a new edition of the Golden Globe Race.

Affiche GGR 2022

The race

In 2022, we will be celebrating the 54th anniversary of the Golden Globe Challenge race (which took place in 1968) in Les Sables d'Olonne, Vendée.
This mythical race was a great inspiration for the Vendée Globe, with legendary sailors like Bernard Moitessier and Robin Knox-Johnston:
- In 1968, 9 skippers took part in a solo non-stop round-the-world race without assistance via the 5 capes.
- In 1968, 9 skippers embarked on this extraordinary challenge,
- Only 1 crossed the finish line: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston after 313 days at sea,
- 8 abandoned, including the unlucky Nigel Tetley who was shipwrecked just 1,100 miles from victory, while Bernard Moitessier, who was leading the race on his boat "Joshua", preferred to head for Tahiti rather than continue the competition, and will sail around the world for one and a half hours to reach the peace and quiet of the islands, and will later write a reference account on sailing: "The Long Road".

The road 2022

what you need to know ...

Les Sables d'Olonne, the starting and finishing town of the old-style Round the World Sailing Race;
- 30 0000 miles to cover
- 23 skippers
- 13 nationalities
- 5 capes
They will be sailing on robust and solid boats of 32 to 36 feet (9.75 - 10.97m) and designed before 1988 with a long keel and a rudder attached to the keel.

Parcours GGR 2022

Winner GGR

Vainqueurs de la GGR

Jean-Luc VAN DEN HEEDE, french skipper is the winner of the Golden Globe Race 2018 !
He arrived on January 29, 2019, in 211 days, 23 hours & 12 minutes.

Congratulations VDH!


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