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Natural parc

40 rue Colonel Beltrame
situé en-dessous du centre de loisirs
Olonne sur Mer

Phone : 02 51 96 85 78
Phone : 02 51 04 24 98

Free nature activities for the general public in July and August, on Tuesdays, wednesdays, and Thursdays.
> Compulsory registration* in the Tourist Offices of the Sables d'Olonne Destination.

*Please give advance notice of any cancellations to free up your place and give another person the chance to take part.

The summer events will take place exclusively in the morning; duration from 2h30 to 3h.

Meeting point:
Maison du Parc Naturel Pédagogique,
40 rue du Colonel BELTRAME,
85340 Olonne-sur-Mer (just below the Leisure Centre);
> Parking on the leisure centre car park (come a few minutes before the start of the outing).

Themes of the visits :
The evolution of the marsh, its uses, its functions through the centuries and its hydraulic functioning will be explained to you with the help of an educational model.
Then, with an outing on the marsh, you will understand its evolution and the interplay between the owners and managers.

ANIMAL TRACES AND INDICES (an ideal activity for children):
A treasure hunt with a questionnaire to identify the various traces left by mystery animals: footprints, excrement and others.
Their identification will be done with the help of technical sheets. The activity will end with the moulding of a footprint.

A field trip to identify common marsh plants and plants typical of wetlands. These herbs, sometimes called "bad", will reveal their secrets: beliefs, superstitions, culinary and medicinal uses.

An observation trip to recognise the different species of birds present on the Loirs marsh in Olonne sur Mer.
Use your binoculars to learn how to distinguish between them, count their numbers and understand the importance of the site for heritage species.

Early in the morning is the opportunity to be next to the marsh for its awakening....
Early morning is a fun and sensory way to discover our environment....
Early morning is the time when animals wake up and appear to us....

For all lovers of photography and nature, this is the ideal outing to take advantage of the technical knowledge of a photographer and the naturalist knowledge of an animator in order to be unaware of naturalist shots.

It's the time of the birds' crossroads.... It is not so easy to recognise those that have come to reproduce on the marsh, those that have come to regain their strength before continuing their flights, or those that have come to spend the winter....
The Dormouse Marsh is a very welcoming site for everyone for various reasons.

Activities on Saturdays outside the summer season (6 dates proposed).
Themes: Winter birds, Spring migration, Drawing the marsh (field sketches), Discovering the photo hut, Autumn migration, Drawing the marsh (colouring). FREE ANIMATIONS (limited by theme).

It's the period of the birds' crossroads....
An outing to recognise the birds that have come to breed on the marsh, and those that have come to regain their strength before continuing their flights, or those that have come to spend the winter....
The Dormouse Marsh is a very welcoming site for all for various reasons.

The harshness of winter has brought many birds from the northern regions to our region with its more favourable climate.
Dress warmly and take your binoculars to identify all these birds and estimate their numbers and diversity.

DRAWING THE MARSHLAND - pencils, limited number of participants (8), adult audience:
Benoit PERROTIN is a well-known illustrator from the Vendée who knows how to reproduce with precision the atmosphere of our local nature.
He has already produced sublime drawings to highlight the Loirs marsh and the Foye marsh.
During this outing, he will show you his work in the field and accompany your pencil stroke... This outing will be limited to pencil sketches (bring your pencils).

Open to all, from 5 years old.
Please bring suitable clothing (waterproof shoes recommended).
Groups of 15 people maximum.


  • From 01/07/2022 to 31/08/2022


  • Pet-friendly ?
    • no
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