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Sabê'O Coaching

Lieu de départ donné à la réservation

Phone : 06 82 10 65 19

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Activities from 12 years old. Open 7 days a week.
Reservations required by telephone.

- Discovery of Kangoo Jumps « Kangoo Boot Camp » : Imagine a pair of rollerblades, with under the soles of the feet instead of the wheels an elastic hoop which removes more than 80% of the impacts.
Prices: 12€/30 min, 16€/45 min, 20€/1h ; with Kangoo shoes at disposal.

- Initiation to the BungyPump : walking, muscular reinforcement, fitness, cardio; in the middle of nature (beach, forest, marsh).
Prices: 10€/1h30 with provision of Dynamic Sticks - BungyPump (different from the rigid Nordic Walking sticks).

- Regenerating walk and Introduction to Breatwork : discover the art of breathing and the subtleties of breathing, which we will play with in order to improve our health, our daily life, our sleep, our performance, etc., but above all we will have fun while practicing.
Price: 7,50€/1h30.

- Cross-Rolling / Cross-Skating : a clever mix between alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and Nordic walking. Alone or in a group, this sport allows you to enjoy the sensations of sliding and walking together.
Prices: 20€/experience session (approx. 1h30); 25€/walk (approx. 2h), with provision of Nordic skates.

- All Terrain Electric Skateboard : a board, four all-terrain wheels, a remote control, and off you go to discover an activity that skilfully combines snowboarding, skateboarding and mountain biking.
Prices: 20€/session: discovery + ride (approx. 1h30), with provision of the Skateboard.


  • Open all year

Prices 2024

  • Rate adult ( à partir de 12 ans )
    • 6
    • 25


  • Leisures
    • Bungypump
  • Location of the place
    • near beach
    • near sea
    • near forest
    • Outside
  • Type of payment
  • Services
    • Pets not allowed
  • Pet-friendly ?
    • no

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