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Why the Tourist Offices?

During the holiday period, many people hesitate to travel with their pets.
Faced with this situation, the Troyes Tourist Office created the Toutourisme club.
In 2017, the Tourist Office of Destination Les Sables d'Olonne joined and for the past 4 years the club has continued to develop. The Vendée is well represented with 4 destinations and the only Toutourisme department on the Atlantic Coast.
We do our utmost to guarantee not only a warm welcome for your four-legged friend but also to inform you of all the possibilities offered by the Destination for a peaceful stay.

Welcome to our pet tourists

At the entrance of our 4 offices, your pet will be able to refresh himself at the Toutou Bar and a welcome pack will be offered to you including the  "Toutourisme guide " listing the whole offer.


Practical information

Endless walks

Environmental sustainability & good citizenship

Toutourisme helps to raise awareness of the need for perfect cohabitation between tourists and residents, particularly in terms of urban cleanliness.
We must be able to walk around with our noses in the air without risking an accident.
The town of Les Sables d'Olonne has set up numerous actions in this respect:

  •     210 free dog excrement bag dispensers in the agglomeration.
  •     Used bags must never be thrown into the gutters as the rainwater flows into the sea. There are numerous bins for this purpose.
  •     Regular poster campaigns remind dog owners of the rules of good courtesy.
  •     Failure to pick up dog faeces exposes the dog owner to a fine of 68€.


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