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L'Ile d'Olonne

L'Ile d'Olonne is an ancient village of salt producers, today, l’Ile d’Olonne owns 2740 inhabitants.


The town

L’Ile d’Olonne is a charming village situated in border of the marsh of Olonnes.


The population 'islaise' has about 2965 inhabitants.



- Saint Martin de Vertou church and theTour (in French) of bell-tower in summer.
- Salt marshes from April to September, 3 marshes, la Salorge de la Vertonne 'aux Fèves marsh' ; Rivolia marsh ; Avocet marsh.
- Bird Observarory : The site commands a breathtaking panoramic view across the Olonne marshes. With more than 180 species of birds spotted by our observatory, the marshes ar one of the richest wetlands in the Vendée in terms of
migratory birds.

Sports et leisure

Town hall

Town hall of  L'Ile d'Olonne :
2 bis Rue Georges Clemenceau - 85340 L'Ile d'Olonne
Tél :  +33 (0)2 51 33 11 72

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