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Les Sables d'Olonne

The town of Les Sables d'Olonne situated on the „Côte de Lumière” which covers 105 km2 of the Atlantic coastline.
With its four harbours, Les Sables d’Olonne is exposed at 270° to the ocean.


Typical districts

Ile Penotte - ©Antoine Martineau

Ile Penotte - ©Antoine Martineau

- La Chaume district : Sailors and fishermen's district, the oldest district of the town.

- The Passage district : its narrow alleyways lead you from the quayside towards the ocean or the town centre.

- Les Sables d'Olonne Town centre : an historical heritage with colourful boutiques. The pedestrian streets encircle the Notre Dame de Bon Port Church. Don't miss it the famous Central Market Place, a very popular food market.

- L'Ile Penotte : a pretty and picturesque quarter int the town centre, behind the Remblai, amongst narrow and higledy-piggledy streets. The houses are framed by hollyhocks and decorated with multi-coloured shell mosaics.

- Le Remblai, a long promenade bordering the beach. In the late 19th century, a number of architects gave free rein to their imagination and created some magnificent villas typical of the seaside architecture.

Walk of fame

Vendée Globe Winners' Promenade

The town of Les Sables d'Olonne is honoring its heroes of the Everest of the seas in the solo, non-stop, non-assisted round-the-world yacht race THE VENDEE GLOBE, by creating a Hollywood Boulevard-style "Walk of Fame" like the famous pavement in Los Angeles, USA.
All the winners of the Vendée Globe are entitled to their own bronze plaque featuring their boat, their fingerprints, their signature, the edition won, the race time and the name of the boat.

Walk of fame

Follow in the footsteps of our ocean adventurers as they explore the Remblai des Sables d'Olonne ...

Titouan LAMAZOU, winner of the 1st edition in 1989/1990
- Plaque of the Ecureuil d'Aquitaine II boat at the Place du Tribunal.
Alain GAUTIER, winner of the 2nd Edition in 1992/1993
- At the bottom of the rue de la Tour, plaque for the boat Bagages Superior.
Christophe AUGUIN, winner of the 3rd Edition in 1996/1997
- Opposite rue du Boulet Rouge, plaque from the Geodis boat.
Michel DESJOYEAUX, winner of the 4th Edition in 2000/2001
- On the forecourt of the Atlantes Congress Centre, plaque for the PRB boat.
Vincent RIOU, winner of the 5th Edition in 2004/2005
- At the Place Navarin, plaque of the PRB boat.
Michel DESJOYEAUX, winner of the 6th Edition in 2008/2009
- At the bottom of rue Travot, FONCIA boat plaque.
François GABART, winner of the 7th Edition in 2012/2013
- At the Pendule, plaque for the MACIF boat.
Armel LE CLEAC'H, winner of the 9th edition in 2016/2017
- In the cale des Ecoliers, plaque from the boat Banque Populaire VIII.
Yannick BESTAVEN, winner of the 9th Edition in 2020/2021
- In the Rue de la Plage, on the Remblai, plaque for the boat Maître Coq IV.



Supermarket - Les Sables d'Olonne

Super U, La Chaume, 68 rue Joseph Bénatier,
Carrefour City, 7 quai Franqueville,
Carrefour City,  87 avenue Aristide Briand,
Carrefour Market,  99 boulevard Castelnau,
Carrefour Market, rue de la Petite Garlière.

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